Welcome To The Train Like A Mother Club!

Supporting you from the first step to the finish line.


Flexible Training Plans

The Train Like a Mother Training Plans are as flexible as we wish our hamstrings were! The plans are suitable for the full range of runners (beginners up to Boston Qualifiers) and a variety of goals (keep moving forward to grabbing a marathon PR). Plus, they fit into your busy schedule: every week of every plan has a workout you can bail on and one that’s integral for success.

training plan

Miles of Resources

Strength training videos that strengthen and injury-proof your body; articles that explain both the basics and more complex parts of running and training; healthy, tasty recipes that fuel your miles on and off the road. We’ve got you covered from your head (no more mental monkeys during the last miles) to your feet (no more rolled ankles on curbs or trails).


Community Galore

Running is a solo sport, but training #motherrunner style? Definitely a team effort. You’ll bond with and motivate your new teammates through a members-only forum where no question is too basic or TMI. You also have the option of joining private clubs on Strava, a GPS-based running app, and Facebook. Want to meet face to face? We’ll have mother-runner meet-ups at a handful of races around the country.


Accountability Aplenty

Your #motherrunner teammates will inspire and motivate you—and gently push you out the door when you’d really rather not go. You’ll receive praise on Strava after each run. Not enough? You’ll also receive a weekly email profiling the upcoming week of workouts so you can plan accordingly.


Train Like a Mother Podcasts

We’ll keep you entertained during your miles with exclusive Train Like a Mother podcasts that focus on your specific training cycle and give you helpful answers to your individual questions.



At the beginning of the training cycle, participants receive a stocked goodie bag of our favorite training products, including Balega Socks, a tube of Nuun hydration tablets, samples of GU Energy products and SweatX sports detergent, as well as other must-haves for #motherrunners.


Celebratory Tee and Medal

Mark your triumphant training plan and race with an exclusive ♥ Run tech tank or don’t think/just go shoe tags or #BAMR wrist wrap, among others. All merchandise is optional and can be ordered separately.


Sweet Discounts and Giveaways

Train Like a Mother members will receive significant discounts on everything from select race entries to our favorite gear. In addition, we’ll have regular giveaways, where you can win everything from TriggerPoint tools to a Soleus GPS to Saucony shoes.

“The variety and flexibility built into the plans blended perfectly into my busy life as a mom/wife/teacher. With personal records in the 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon this year, I had my most successful running year to date—and I owe it all to these training plans. Thank you!”
Jen Rucker
“The incremental and detailed AMR plan took me gently, thoroughly, and successfully through my own self doubt into a whole new area of confidence. Plus, the virtual community and camaraderie offered through the mother runner programs is very real and precious to me, a solo runner.”
Melissa Theberge
“Completing in three another mother runner challenges are the best running decisions I have made. They helped me run through a dark, sad winter; gave me continual support—somebody has always “been there” and is ready to cheer you on; and opened me up to an inspiring community that reminds me that together we are more powerful than we are individually.”
Marianne Lloyd
“The most valuable part of the Challenge is the opportunity to interact with the other participants. Whenever I had a question—or just wanted to chat about running—I had 100+ women to talk to.  I loved the way that our community bonded, sharing our running accomplishments and encouraging each other when we most needed it.”
Laura Zale
“Before joining the marathon program, I didn’t consider myself a “good enough” runner. I was wrong. I immediately felt so connected to women around the globe, and we all celebrated we each became marathoners. I will join another group again without a doubt.”
Nadia Lamothe
“Training for a marathon is lonely endeavor when you lack experience and a running partner. But I never felt alone through those 18 weeks of training; I got loads of helpful advice and tips. On the morning of the big day, I ran with joy and gratitude on the heels of hundreds of mother runners Thank you!”
Kim Frick
“After months of training for a half-marathon that left me totally depleted, I saw the five-week Stride Challenge, and signed up. I was excited about being able to work at your own pace and the camaraderie of group training. I was not disappointed—it was really fun!—and look forward to more Challenges like it.”
Tracey Persing

Each Challenge includes:

  • Flexible Training Plan, available as PDF
  • Over $25 in Training Products
  • Exclusive Train Like a Mother Podcasts
  • Weekly Newsletters
  • Strength Training Videos (no gym required!)
  • Exclusive Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Strava Club
  • Miles of Running Resources
  • A Mother Runner Map
  • B*d*ss Mother Runner Teammates


Good question. This Club is a branch of Another Mother Runner, started by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. Back when our five collective kids were ankle-biters, we ran the Nike Women’s Marathon, wrote about our training for Runner’s World magazine, then turned the whole experience into Run Like a Mother, a chatty, advice-filled book published in 2010. (Here’s an excerpt from Runner’s World.) Train Like a Mother (excerpt) followed in 2012, and Tales from Another Mother Runner (guess what? excerpt) completed the trilogy in 2015.

Along the way, Another Mother Runner has flourished into an amazing community of badass women centered around the idea that the benefits of your miles ricochet through all aspects of your life. When you run, you are a more patient mother, a more loving partner, a more productive worker, and a more positive person altogether. (Note: By run, we mean forward movement. Walking, jogging, and running at any and all speeds count.)

A mother runner and coach named Christine Hinton, who has been coaching all levels of runners for over a decade and designed the popular plans in Train Like a Mother (the book version). We also have a variety of other coaches and experts chiming in with strength training exercises, injury prevention strategies and specialized training plans.


Absolutely: We welcome all paces and all running levels. We have all-level five-week Stride programs, which simply focus on 30-40 minutes of exercise five days a week. We also have first-time 5K and 10K programs, which slowly ease you from a run/walk pattern to straight-up running.
Totally. Each distance from the 5K to the marathon has different levels of plans so you can pick the one that’s right for you. In the preview of the various plans, we lay out the biggest week of training, mileage-wise, and the longest runs, distance-wise, as well as the variety of workouts in the plan.
Right now, we only have plans for the most common race distances (5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon), but we’re happy to tweak an existing plan to help you meet your goal. Email us at at tlamclub [at] gmail [dot] com, and we can figure it out.
No. The registration fee is for the training plan, the comprehensive resources in Train Like a Mother Club, three extra podcasts, the unbeatable camaraderie of your virtual mother runner teammates, and stocked swag bag.
Yep—and we’ve heard again and again from past participants, it’s worth it. Staying committed and motivated during the days, weeks, and, yes, of training can be ridiculously hard. If you can do that—and these programs are all about accountability and inspiration—race day becomes a celebratory victory lap, not a slog full of self-doubt.

Plus, we have significant discounts to a handful of races including the Flying Pig, New Jersey, Pittsburgh, and Eugene marathons, and Happy Girls, Hippie Chick, and ZOOMA half-marathons, among others; we’ll share the codes when you register.

Because Dimity and Sarah are both really tall—and kinda awkward. (Kidding. But not really.) Anyway, the programs are priced cost $.50/day; the program’s tee and medal are additional, optional purchases.
With a smart training plan, do-able strength training, and advice on foam rolling and other self-care, we do our best to keep you injury-free. That said, if you have an injury or illness that totally slays your training, let us know at tlamclub [at] gmail [dot] com. We’ll work with you to get you a credit for an upcoming program.
Contact us at tlamclub [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll help you out!