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METABOLIC RESET, THE MENTAL SIDE: PODCAST We are able to only post this here, so that the content isn't public. You can either listen to it directly from this site, or you can download and transfer it to your phone. Thanks! METABOLIC RESET, THE MENTAL SIDE: MEDITATION FROM DR. JUSTIN ROSS [...]

  Download the Incredible with Tweaks 20-week training plan as a PDF. Preparing for hills? Download the Hilly Race document for specific tips and workouts. Download the 4-Week Introduction to Heart Rate Training as a PDF here; you can begin this optional plan anywhere from one to four weeks before your 20-week plan starts. Here are captions for BOSU BOOTY Circuits [...]

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Coach Stephanie runs through carbs, fat, and all the nuts and seeds in between. Watch the one-hour webinar (you will need to sign in with your email address, and then you'll have access.) Download, review and/or print the informational (and super helpful!) PDF.