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Coach Stephanie runs through carbs, fat, and all the nuts and seeds in between. Watch the one-hour webinar (you will need to sign in with your email address, and then you'll have access.) Download, review and/or print the informational (and super helpful!) PDF.

Before your session of Developing a High-Performance Mindset starts, please do the following three things: Fill out the first two pages of this worksheet (downloads as a .docx), and please return to us. If this is your first time joining a Perform Like a Mother session, please fill out this background worksheet (downloads a .docx) [...]

Coaches Corner: Everybody in the Pool! Of the three sports in triathlon, swimming has the most technical component. Efficiency and proper form will take you much further than simply having good swim fitness. Because water is more dense and thick than air, your body creates a lot of drag moving through it. Becoming streamlined and efficient [...]

These videos are the drills found on the SWIMMING DRILLS page of your training plan, plus a few others we like. Fingertip Drag Drill Why: To focus on high elbows + hand position during the recovery phase of your stroke. How: Swim normal freestyle except your fingertips never leave the surface of [...]

Be Afraid On the Facebook page recently, Kim Davis mentioned that she tried a new gym whose heart-rate based workouts gave her pause. “I’m not afraid to work hard, I just don’t think those workouts are right for me,” she said. I swiftly replied, “You should be. You should be very afraid of ‘hard’. ‘Hard’ [...]