2019 10K Challenge Race


We will have a version of Greg McMillan's pace calculator on the site within a few weeks; for now, please reference the following as tools to help decode your paces. Greg McMillan's Calculator Runner's World Sampling of Pace Calculators Runworks Calculator (takes into account temperature and altitude)

How to Add or Take Yourself off the #Mother Runner Map 1. Go to “My Account” in the upper right corner of your screen. (You must already be signed in.) 2. Click “View Order.” 3. In the bottom left hand, you can click or unclick, “Should we show your zip code on the #motherrunner [...]

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One of the beauties of TLAM Club training plans are the occasional fun workouts thrown into the mix. Yes, these workouts will elevate your heart rate but the aim is to give your mouth a workout as you smile and laugh. Take your pick—or feel free to think up your own. Aqua Aerobics: Sarah’s husband [...]

GRAB A PDF OF ALL TRAIN LIKE A MOTHER CIRCUIT CAPTIONS. Train Like a Mother Circuit #1 Train Like a Mother Circuit #2 Train Like a Mother Circuit #3 [...]