13.1 Challenge Run


Ready to Train Like a Mother? Download your training plan here. (It will open as a PDF, and we recommend either printing it out or saving it to your computer for easy access.) Here's the Holding Pattern Plan if you're not starting in Wave 1. (Remember: it's optional!) Finally, videos and captions for the SSSC's (Super Short Strength Captions) [...]

Strava is a free GPS app for your smartphone that logs your runs; if you don't have it, you can download the app here. (You can also download your own GPS data to Strava: so many ways to see your miles!) Once you've completed a run, you can save it, name it, and your fellow Challengers can [...]

The Train Like a Mother 13.1 Club Facebook page is open. Click here to request to join, and we'll let you in! (Other option: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1539513179701311/)

We have consolidated many of the workout captions. You can grab them all in one PDF below; we recommend saving them on your phone or printing it out for easy access. SSSC Captions #1-9 BOSU Booty Captions #1-3 Resistance Loops Captions #1-3 Silly Toes: A Super Short, Comprehensive Warm-Up for Every Run (Download a PDF of [...]

We will have a version of Greg McMillan's pace calculator on the site within a few weeks; for now, please reference the following as tools to help decode your paces. Greg McMillan's Calculator Runner's World Sampling of Pace Calculators Runworks Calculator (takes into account temperature and altitude)

August/September 2018: Amy Wilson, Berlin, NH  My running story: I ran track in high school, and over the years I have run here and there just to stay fit. I have a love for being outside and and going for runs is one way I could enjoy being outside whether being on the trails [...]