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Power is the ability to apply greater force to the pedals.  If you want to improve your power, you must learn how to efficiently pedal your bike. Power, Explored Power is work divided by time. Work is force times distance. In cycling, force and distance are determined by your gear size. Time is dependent on [...]

Often, triathlons are won on the run. Yet most of the time, an athlete’s legs feel like a sack of bricks when she swaps pedals for racing flats. To train for this dynamic shift in sports, we do “brick workouts,” practicing transitioning from cycling to running—or swimming to cycling, but that’s often an easier [...]

Got 20 minutes? Work a little gentle self-care into your training with this yoga routine developed especially for cyclists. You'll open your hips, hamstrings, shoulders -- all the places cyclists tend to hold tension. Give it a try!

Coaches Corner: Pedaling to Nowhere Cold temperatures and icy roads make riding in the winter an indoor affair! Erratic temperatures and icy roads can make riding in springtime an indoor affair! Indoor training is a high-quality substitute when you can't make it on to the roads. In fact, many top triathletes train exclusively indoor for biking, no [...]

Here's a handy PDF of How to Change a Flat (written by Dimity for Bicycling magazine a long, long time ago.) Fold it and stick it in your saddle bag if you need step-by-step on the side of the road.