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  We are not trees, but our training age is pretty simple to calculate. When I get a new client, our initial conversation (usually) starts with me asking about their current level of fitness and training experience.  More often than not, they start with the first sport they ever played (no joke: we go back [...]

Be Afraid On the Facebook page recently, Kim Davis mentioned that she tried a new gym whose heart-rate based workouts gave her pause. “I’m not afraid to work hard, I just don’t think those workouts are right for me,” she said. I swiftly replied, “You should be. You should be very afraid of ‘hard’. ‘Hard’ [...]

A few marathon course strategies; we are starting with the biggest races, and will work our way down to more quaint races over time. All courses open as a PDF. Chicago Marathon Twin Cities Marathon Marine Corps Marathon New York City Marathon Philadelphia Marathon Philadelphia Half-Marathon Houston Marathon  

We train, we peak, we taper, and we race. Ideal world. Except sometimes we can’t race or we shouldn’t race, so we DNF (did not finish) or DNS (did not start). If you were up the night before with GI issues, vomiting or diarrhea then you are showing up to the start line with hydration [...]

You can dominate a race in many ways. One option: Sit on the head of your opponents, as this puppy demonstrates. Recently, I told you about Ricky Bobby, Nascar, and how "goin' REEEL FAST!" isn't tantamount to 'racing', and that crossing the finish line first isn't the only way to win. Now I want [...]

Race Blueprint Strategies Half-Marathon and Marathon Race Strategy Worksheet using EAT in Week 18 Half-Marathon Race Strategy Not Using EAT Marathon Race Strategy Not Using EAT Nutrition Strategies Simply Nourished 2-Weeks 'Til Race Day Protocol Simply Nourished Race Week Recipes Packing Lists Half-Marathon Check List Marathon Check List

Disclosure #1: I know I write a lot. I know you are time constrained and can't read it all. But please know that even if you just skim what I put out there, you are learning something. Because your coach loves her job, and she loves you. And she hopes that maybe, just MAYBE, one [...]

The Buddhist tradition revolves around the concept of emptiness, which is often translated as openness. I like to think of it as room for. By being open and creating emptiness, we are actually making room for something new. It’s easy to set a goal, get really excited about it, buy a Polar, buy new shoes, [...]

A torn ACL during the Olympic 5K: Reality Bites. Many of you will be doing another EAT workout this week—if you want. Please remember they are optional, and if you’re on the fence, please opt not to do it. If you think you have one (or just one more) in you, the best [...]

I had registered for a race on March 20th. The Al Rokers of the World were calling for up to 8 inches of snow before noon. Hail and strong, nor'easter winds, too. Did Not. The first two initials of abbreviations that most runners fear, as in DNS (Did Not Start) or—worse!—DNF (Did Not [...]