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Ok, I know there are going to be days when your long run is 3 hours and it’s just Because these plans are 20 weeks long, and because they have a handful of long runs, we have naturally built in the #mother factor of #motherrunner. That's why we have created minimums for the four race [...]

MK taking on the New York City Marathon with her usual exuberance and enthusiasm. I—Coach MK—have been running for 20 years. How I became a runner is one story (elements include not making the high school basketball team, being bullied on the bus, and not knowing that the college track was just for [...]

  If you dream of being a Lego runner in a team relay like Hood to Coast or Ragnar, here are your guidelines. (First order of business: get some knees!) DOWNLOAD THE PDF OF THIS ARTICLE HERE. Welcome to two-a-days!  Once upon a time only professional and ultra-runners performed these workouts, so if [...]

This beautiful picture shows you that the SSSCs place little load on your body, which means you can do them #winning The Pain Cave is a fun place to visit on race day. The Butt Cave? You should stop by regularly during your foam rolling sessions. But the destination we really need [...]

Here’s your SAT word of the week: submission. Before you Google it, let’s start with our overlooked friend Mr. Thesaurus. The first synonym he gives us for submission is ‘compliance’. The first antonym is ‘defiance.’ MIND BLOWN. There's nothing about Christian Gray in there! There is, however, a nice shade of gray that pertains to [...]

Lydia Lindsay, who is in a half-marathon heart rate-based challenge, recently took four iPhone apps out for a spin to see what would suit her best. The Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth was a winner by a landslide over three other apps: Wahoo RunFit, Strava, and Nike+. Here are her thoughts about it: The Winner: Wahoo Fitness [...]

  Sometimes the truth can be funny, right? Click here to download this article as a PDF. If you are running a 50K instead of a marathon, we need to amend your program a little bit so that you are able to thrive during the whole race of 31 miles. Chances are, your [...]

My phone calls have swiftly gone from “ARE YOU SURE THIS WILL WORK OMG MY SPEEEEEEEEED!  I will do whatever you say!” to the equivalent of LSAT prep questions: “OK, so Tommy has swimming on Tuesday and Thursday from 3-5pm and Gina has cheerleading on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4-6pm and I work 9-5 so [...]

How To Not Overrace (Yes, it's totally a thing) *Written while listening to Ginuwine’s “Pony” as a tribute to the #onepaceponies in the house I will not make you wear bun huggers, but I will ask you to consider your race schedule wisely. I want you to be happy. I want you to succeed. I [...]