Metabolic Reset


Welcome to Metabolic Reset! We are SO GLAD you are here to define a New You. We're going to start with the Introduction Packet, which will outline the next six weeks for you. Please take a quiet moment—we're confident you can find one!—to read through all the guidelines. Also, please note that the Introduction also [...]

PHASE ONE: REST YOUR METABOLISM Phase One is all about resting your metabolism—and reminding yourself that this is a process that will go far beyond regularly eating 4-6 ounces of protein. Your emotional wellness and perspective (willpower=not a thing) matter as much as the nutrition and fitness prescriptions. Please do your best to [...]

PHASE THREE: REIGNITE YOUR METABOLISM Phase Three is finally here! As Ellie has mentioned, your body is like a hybrid car: it can run off gas (glucose/sugar) or electricity (fat). Phase Three is about plugging yourself in. In other words, thoughtfully introducing healthy fats and learning the practice of intermittent fasting. As [...]

PHASE TWO: REBUILD YOUR METABOLISM Congrats on getting through Phase One: You are a Metabolic Rock Star! The hardest work is behind you! In phase two, you will continue to focus on veggies and protein, but your list of fats and carbs expands exponentially. Enjoy! MATERIALS [...]

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