RACE resources


Read on for Coach MK's tried and true approach for choosing a race. Includes a list of recommended races for PRs, vacation, and fun! Download the PDF

Race Day Webinar: Strategies for Success This is purposely a video—not a podcast—during which we go through race strategy and a bunch of other helpful topics; we'd like you to sit down and watch when you have a free moment during your taper. (Read: We want your full attention for one hour.) Watch the webinar. [...]

Many #motherrunners around the country face training and racing in conditions from light rain to flash floods. Coach Mary-Katherine Fleming, who leads the heart-rate training programs in theTrain Like a Mother Club knows a bit about training in crazy rain, and she wrote this comprehensive post about how to assess whether or not to race through puddles. [...]

(For more about racing in heat, listen to Podcast #26: Question Everything + Running in Heat.) Situation: Your race is tomorrow, and you’ve seen a ‘heat advisory’ notification from the weather app on your phone. WADOIDOO??? Please start here, not with Google!  You may ask the wrong question. If you Google "how to hydrate in heat" [...]

Using the links below, download marathon strategies using your EAT results or general heart rate cap guidelines. Marathon Strategy Using EAT General Marathon Instructions

Using the links below, download half marathon strategies using EAT or general heart rate cap guidelines. Half Marathon Strategy Using EAT General Half Marathon Instructions

If you are on a half-marathon racing plan and have signed up for a race between Weeks 11-14, here are your instructions. The race should take the place of an EAT (enhanced aerobic threshold) Workout. 5K, 5 mile, 10K Race Instructions

A few marathon course strategies; we are starting with the biggest races, and will work our way down to more quaint races over time. All courses open as a PDF. Chicago Marathon Twin Cities Marathon Marine Corps Marathon New York City Marathon Philadelphia Marathon Philadelphia Half-Marathon Houston Marathon