Tri Race Resources


Kick back and relax for about an hour while you watch (or rewatch) the recorded webinar with Coach Liz. She talks you through race day so you have all the tools you need to thrive. If you have a question, you'll most likely find the answer here. Watch the webinar.

During race week, the work shifts from your body to your mind. Take a few minutes this week to think through the details of your race so you can minimize your anxiety and put that energy towards your swim, bike + run! Download the Race Day Prep questionnaire.

First of all, here's a handy Train Like a Mother Triathlon Gear Checklist. Good to look over now; make sure you either already have everything you need or you have a plan to get the goods. (Most races allow for a USA Triathlon (USAT) one-day membership, if you don't have an annual one.) Next, let's think [...]

Mental toughness is knowing how to find fuel in an empty tank. All of the physical preparation you’ve done leading up to your race is critical, but there’s one more aspect that can make the difference between simply finishing or finishing strong. That’s mental preparation. In triathlon, you’ve got to stand tough under duress. You’re [...]

What to wear on race day? Might be harder to answer than what’s for dinner? There are many options when it comes to clothing for racing triathlons The most important thing to remember when selecting your tri racing kit are selecting clothing that’s comfortable and aerodynamic (meaning there’s little opportunity for air to get between [...]

The Brick: let’s just call it a practice race. It’s a rite of passage for all triathletes, and one that goes so much better with a little prep work. Here are some tips to maximize your workout: Dinner. Eat your pre-race dinner the night before. What to eat? Keep it simple. The key is [...]