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The training is all logged into your journals, the foam rolling is complete, the plan is in place—all that’s left is to run your half. But what’s the best approach? Everyone is different, of course, and what works for one BAMR might not work for another, here are some general tips that can help [...]

The marathon often feels like a great unknown—26.2 miles is a long way and plenty can happen along the way. It’s normal to be nervous when you’re staring down that kind of distance and to worry about what could go wrong. But much of what will happen out there is within your control. The [...]

These exercises accompany the podcast with Dr. Alex Lanton PT, DPT, OCS, CEAS, owner of Atlas Physical Therapy (Stapleton Office) in Denver, CO. DOWNLOAD AS A PDF GOOD FOR: Giving your glutes and hips a crazy effective stretch. HOW TO: Lying on your back, keeping your right leg on the ground, lift your left leg and [...]

10 Tips for a #BAMR Race Finish your race like Melinda: With a smile and a leap. Here's how. [Download these tips as a PDF.] 1. NUTRITION: SAME OLD, SAME OLD Show up race day well hydrated and well fueled; if you’re running a marathon, you should have carbo loaded over the past [...]

#5: Remember to stop and have some fun once in a while. Schedule your workouts. Why? Thinking through your week and writing down when you’ll run or strength train magically solidifies your commitment. Thinking, “Oh, I’ll just get in that run at some point today,” versus, “At 7:30, I have a four-mile run [...]

Smiling + chatty: a Zone 2 run. Training is typically done in five zones (Z) from Z1 (easy peasy) to Z5 (so far from easy, it’s ridiculous.) Most of the training in these plans land in Z2, the zone in which you can build a wide cardiovascular base. But we also up the [...]

One of the beauties of TLAM Club training plans are the occasional fun workouts thrown into the mix. Yes, these workouts will elevate your heart rate but the aim is to give your mouth a workout as you smile and laugh. Take your pick—or feel free to think up your own. Aqua Aerobics: Sarah’s husband [...]

The Train Like a Mother Club plans all have cross-training workouts, which doesn't necessarily mean you've got to head to your nearest elliptical machine and watch CNN for 45 minutes. (Read: booor-ing!) Here are some—but by no means all—options that will enhance your running: Barre Classes You won’t need to scrounge your daughter’s tutu and leotard [...]

While we don’t judge, Dimity and I are always slightly aghast when we meet a mother runner who tells us she ran a marathon or completed a long training run without taking in any calories. We’ve run long and far enough--and interviewed enough sports dieticians and nutritionists--to know you’ve got to give your engine fuel [...]

If you’re like me—Dimity—when you come to a significant hill on your route you: 1. Curse, either out loud or in your head. then 2. Resign yourself to the fact you have to get over the sucker, so you crank up your power within the first ten steps of the climb. You feel relatively strong [...]