Simply Nourish Like a Mother


Before we begin our six-week journey together, please take a few minutes to go through our introductory pack and set your goals and intentions for Simply Nourish Like a Mother. You can download the introduction and goal worksheet here. Also, here is a Table of Contents  so as your Simply Nourished information grows, you'll be able to [...]

YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE CLICK HERE TO ASK TO ENTER YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE. One notes: If you have a different name on Facebook than you used to register, please let us know.

WEEK ONE: VEG OUT Welcome, welcome! We are so excited you are going to Simply Nourish Like a Mother! Over the next six weeks, you will learn about each macronutrient and how to maximize its influence in your body; systematically build habits that streamline into one another; and gain insight into a sustainable, nourishing system [...]

WEEK TWO: CARB CRESCENDO Hello, Week Two! Nice job on loading up on your veggies, friends! Seriously, the Facebook page was going off with jicama and spinach, broccoli and baby carrots. Impressive! We bet you are already feeling a difference in your mood, energy, and body. Week Two is dedicated to a much [...]

WEEK THREE: SLOW DOWN + SAVOR (DEEP BREATH!) We are taking the next seven days to review, recharge, and ask all the questions you want! Steps to take: Revisit content you skimmed over in weeks One and Two. Focus on ONLY one new habit a day—if that. Celebrate success! Strive to build consistency with [...]

WEEK FOUR: PERSONALIZE YOUR PROTEIN Greetings, Week Four! We won't lie: the Carb Crescendo is a tough one, and we'll continue to polish it over the next few weeks. Still, you all were carb champs, trading sweet potatoes for pasta, granola for Cheerios. The result? A huge difference in how you feel. "It has [...]

WEEK FIVE: FAT AS FUEL How are we already on Week Five? We know, we know. Your head is swirling with carb crescendos and bison meatballs and turmeric golden milk and digestive elixir. Your brains and bellies are stuffed—in a good way, of course. Don't let that stress you out. This is a process [...]

WEEK SIX: THE CHERRY ON TOP   High Five to Week Six! This week, to wrap things up and to drill as deep into all the layers of Simply Nourishing as we can, we will host a two-hour long Simply Nourished Roundup webinar (format where you can talk to Ellie in person). The Simply Nourished Roundup webinar  [...]

Simply Nourished Podcasts We'll update this page with podcasts created Facebook Live videos and webinars throughout the program. We are able to only post them here so that the content isn't public. You can either listen to them here, or you can can download them and transfer them to your phone.