Triathlon: Sprint


The SPRINT DISTANCE TRAINING PLAN has 3 parts (all open as PDFs): THE DETAILS: Explanation of and directions for the plan. THE PLAN: This is 12 pages long, so please have plenty of ink! Also, we definitely recommend connecting Training Peaks as well; all the important details are in this document, but there are extra, less-abbreviated explanations in Training Peaks. #beltandsuspenders [...]

The fun things you can do with Strava: write BAMRS. Or BAMAS? (Roll Tide!) Strava is a free GPS app for your smartphone that logs your runs; if you don’t have it, you can download the app here. (You can also download your own GPS data to Strava: so many ways to see your miles!) Once [...]

The Train Like a Mother Club Triathlon Facebook page is open! Click here to request to join, and we'll let you in!

CONNECT TO TRAINING PEAKS We have set up the THE SPRINT DISTANCE TRIATHLON plan in Training Peaks, a site that will email you today and tomorrow's workout daily, as well as provide a place for you to download your data. You can create an account for free. (If you want more options for slicing and dicing your data, [...]