Download the PDF of your Lindsay Training Plan. NOTE: Before you print it out, change the settings on your printer to print horizontally, not vertically.  Download the PDF of the December Strength Circuit. NOTE: Before you print it out, change the settings on your printer to print horizontally, not vertically.

Read on for Coach MK's tried and true approach for choosing a race. Includes a list of recommended races for PRs, vacation, and fun! Download the PDF

FAQs The Heart Rate 102 Challenge includes: An 8-Week Training Plan. Designed by Coach Mary-Katherine (MK) Fleming, the Heart Rate 102 Training plan is suitable for any runner who has already completed Heart Rate 101 or a 20-week heart rate-based plan. If you have not done Heart Rate 101 or one of the 20-week heart rate-based [...]

A little comic relief before we raise your heart rates.   If you are running an EAT Workout, please listen to Heart Rate Podcast #10: EAT: All the Pre-Workout Instructions. Here is a PDF of the Important EAT Instructions.

CONNECT TO TRAINING PEAKS We have set up the HRT MONTHLY: MAY JENNIFER plan in Training Peaks, a site that will email you today and tomorrow's workout daily, as well as provide a place for you to download your data. You can create an account for free. (If you want more options for slicing and dicing your data, Training [...]

#5: Remember to stop and have some fun once in a while. Schedule your workouts. Why? Thinking through your week and writing down when you’ll run or strength train magically solidifies your commitment. Thinking, “Oh, I’ll just get in that run at some point today,” versus, “At 7:30, I have a four-mile run [...]

  Let us be blunt: Dealing with stomach issues while running can be the shits. Literally. Yet it’s a fact of life that, for many runners, tummy troubles can cause a bevy of issues, from pain to diarrhea. Here at TLAM Club, we don’t shy away from crossing the proverbial port-a-potty threshold in search of [...]