We are not trees, but our training age is pretty simple to calculate. When I get a new client, our initial conversation (usually) starts with me asking about their current level of fitness and training experience.  More often than not, they start with the first sport they ever played (no joke: we go back [...]

WEEK 1 Week 1 has the bulk of the materials + recipes, as well as the Simply Nourished review. Page through it, then cast your focus on our focus for the week: living Lagom + dinner recipes! WEEK 2 Week 2? Let's talk lunch and liver (and maybe [...]

The Materials Review podcast and Facebook Live podcasts are below. We are able to only post them here so that the content isn't public. You can download them and transfer them to your phone.

Need some help getting out the door during these dark days of winter?  With a hint of a tropical breeze, Coconut Stroopwafels are calling your name...and you may win them for free! Our friends at GU are donating three (3!) prize packs just for you, #motherrunners who are in the TLAM Club. In this nifty giveaway, [...]

WEEK 1 Week 1 is a full one; we have front-loaded much of the material, so please realize that you'll have three weeks to learn about and digest this. This week, we want you to focus on three things: reviewing the concepts and practices you learned in Simply Nourished, [...]

PHASE ONE: REST YOUR METABOLISM Phase One is all about resting your metabolism—and reminding yourself that this is a process that will go far beyond regularly eating 4-6 ounces of protein. Your emotional wellness and perspective (willpower=not a thing) matter as much as the nutrition and fitness prescriptions. Please do your best to [...]

PHASE THREE: REIGNITE YOUR METABOLISM Phase Three is finally here! As Ellie has mentioned, your body is like a hybrid car: it can run off gas (glucose/sugar) or electricity (fat). Phase Three is about plugging yourself in. In other words, thoughtfully introducing healthy fats and learning the practice of intermittent fasting. As [...]