Coaches Corner: Practice Race Prep


The Brick: let’s just call it a practice race. It’s a rite of passage for all triathletes, and one that goes so much better with a little prep work. Here are some tips to maximize your workout: Dinner. Eat your pre-race dinner the night before. What to eat? Keep it simple. The key is [...]

Power is the ability to apply greater force to the pedals.  If you want to improve your power, you must learn how to efficiently pedal your bike. Power, Explored Power is work divided by time. Work is force times distance. In cycling, force and distance are determined by your gear size. Time is dependent on [...]

  Food: it’s one of the most important aspects of triathlon training, as critical as the bike, run and swim workouts you do every day. Proper nutrition can make the difference between performing your best or simply finishing your race. Best Practices Just as you train your body to run, ride, and swim, it’s [...]

Often, triathlons are won on the run. Yet most of the time, an athlete’s legs feel like a sack of bricks when she swaps pedals for racing flats. To train for this dynamic shift in sports, we do “brick workouts,” practicing transitioning from cycling to running—or swimming to cycling, but that’s often an easier [...]

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Coach Stephanie runs through carbs, fat, and all the nuts and seeds in between. Watch the one-hour webinar (you will need to sign in with your email address, and then you'll have access.) Download, review and/or print the informational (and super helpful!) PDF.

(For more about racing in heat, listen to Podcast #26: Question Everything + Running in Heat.) Situation: Your race is tomorrow, and you’ve seen a ‘heat advisory’ notification from the weather app on your phone. WADOIDOO??? Please start here, not with Google!  You may ask the wrong question. If you Google "how to hydrate in heat" [...]

Before your session of Developing a High-Performance Mindset starts, please do the following three things: Fill out the first two pages of this worksheet (downloads as a .docx), and please return to us. If this is your first time joining a Perform Like a Mother session, please fill out this background worksheet (downloads a .docx) [...]