PHASE THREE: REIGNITE YOUR METABOLISM Phase Three is finally here! As Ellie has mentioned, your body is like a hybrid car: it can run off gas (glucose/sugar) or electricity (fat). Phase Three is about plugging yourself in. In other words, thoughtfully introducing healthy fats and learning the practice of intermittent fasting. As [...]

PHASE TWO: REBUILD YOUR METABOLISM Congrats on getting through Phase One: You are a Metabolic Rock Star! The hardest work is behind you! In phase two, you will continue to focus on veggies and protein, but your list of fats and carbs expands exponentially. Enjoy! MATERIALS [...]

The Materials Review podcast and Facebook Live podcasts live here. We are able to only post them here so that the content isn't public. You can download them and transfer them to your phone.  

TRADITIONAL RUNNING PROGRAM WEBINARS + PODCASTS WEBINARS Webinars apply to all runners; Coach Amanda answers questions about racing, training, and injuries for distances from 10K to the marathon and about all stages of the training cycle from beginning to post-race recovery. In order to access the webinars, you will [...]

Feeling fuzzy-headed on the run? Suffering from cramping or runner's trots? There's no such thing as TMI in this helpful chart that targets specific symptoms and tells you how to solve them. Download "Troubleshooting Your Fuel Plan" as a PDF.

Kick back and relax for about an hour while you watch (or rewatch) the recorded webinar with Coach Liz. She talks you through race day so you have all the tools you need to thrive. If you have a question, you'll most likely find the answer here. Watch the webinar.

Read on for Coach Stephanie's guide to feeling like a BAMR on and off the trail! Download the PDF