Session Two: Pre-Session Prep


Before your session of Developing a High-Performance Mindset starts, please do the following three things: Fill out the first two pages of this worksheet (downloads as a .docx), and please return to us. If this is your first time joining a Perform Like a Mother session, please fill out this background worksheet (downloads a .docx) [...]

The EAT (enhanced anaerobic threshold) Workout is one you can do regularly to check your progress on heart rate training and, when performed within three weeks of your goal race, can help predict race times. Download the EAT Instructions as a PDF. Here are instructions for analyzing your results: EAT Self Analysis.

Using the links below, download marathon strategies using your EAT results or general heart rate cap guidelines. Marathon Strategy Using EAT General Marathon Instructions

Using the links below, download half marathon strategies using EAT or general heart rate cap guidelines. Half Marathon Strategy Using EAT General Half Marathon Instructions

If you are on a half-marathon racing plan and have signed up for a race between Weeks 11-14, here are your instructions. The race should take the place of an EAT (enhanced aerobic threshold) Workout. 5K, 5 mile, 10K Race Instructions

(Download this blog post as a PDF file.) First things first: What is EAT? EAT stands for “Enhanced Anaerobic Threshold.” Was the EAT your idea, Coach MK? Nope. The original EAT was the brainchild of someone way smarter than I am, a guy named Ric Rojas. You can read about him here. His workout was based on [...]

Got 20 minutes? Work a little gentle self-care into your training with this yoga routine developed especially for cyclists. You'll open your hips, hamstrings, shoulders -- all the places cyclists tend to hold tension. Give it a try!

Coaches Corner: Pedaling to Nowhere Cold temperatures and icy roads make riding in the winter an indoor affair! Erratic temperatures and icy roads can make riding in springtime an indoor affair! Indoor training is a high-quality substitute when you can't make it on to the roads. In fact, many top triathletes train exclusively indoor for biking, no [...]