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    #coached andlovedThe unofficial motto of #motherrunners training everywhere—and soon the motto of your shoes. (Feeling frustrated by your Build Engine Run? Just look down and be reassured.)Custom designed by Momentum Jewelry, these shoe tags are 1/2” x 1-5/8” and can be used on any laces. Aluminum rectangle pendant is extremely lightweight and will not tarnish.Design note: the tags will reach #coached [one tag] andloved [one tag] in a similar font to the don't think/just go tags pictured.Sold as a pair.Please note: Domestic orders will be charged $3 shipping. Tags will ship in mid-July. International orders will not be charged shipping if you order before end of day Sunday, June 12. We will hold your swag bags until the tags are ready and ship everything then. All tags will ship by mid-July.
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    ♥ Run: Ok, so maybe not always, but your miles hold a special place in your heart.  A tech tank, perfect for all your summer runs, is made from 100% sweat-wicking polyester. It offers a loose, slightly unstructured fit that works with shorts, capris, skirts.  Click here to see size chartThe modest scoop neck is flattering, yet not too revealing, and the T-back cut covers the majority of your sports bra. Another mother runner near the back neckline.Scoop neck. 100% polyester.Women’s cut and sizing. Runs true to size. Available sizes XS-4XL. 
  • bamr-running-hat-pink (1)bamr-running-hat-pink

    Due to popular demand, we put our popular new design on a running hat! The subtle BAMR* takes one to know one is like a secret handshake, letting badass mother runner acknowledge each other at races or on runs. We love the get-noticed deep pink color with pops of lime green.

  • bamrAMR_#BAMR_FN
    BAMR: beautiful, G-rated hashtag-shorthand for badass mother runner—and the saying you'll want to sport on your shoe.
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    Perfect for a water bottle, a laptop, or your bathroom mirror to remind you that you are #coachedandloved.Please note: This is an approximation of what the actual sticker will look like. Dimensions will be approximately 5"x 3".
  • don't think just go shoe tags
    don't think just goThe unofficial motto of #motherrunners everywhere—and soon the motto of your shoes. (Waffling on whether you should head out? Just look down for your answer.)Custom designed by Momentum Jewelry, these shoe tags are 1/2” x 1-5/8” and can be used on any laces. Aluminum rectangle pendant is extremely lightweight and will not tarnish.Sold as a pair.Please note: Shipping is included in $16 price. If you registered for a fall Challenge, you will receive your tags with your swag in mid-June. If you ordered them separate from a Challenge, you will receive your tags towards the end of May.
  • i-run-things-long-sleeve-tee (2)i-run-things-long-sleeve-tee (3)
    Tell the world know that you run races—and that you’re in charge. (We love a good pun.) This is one of our top-selling phrases, and we decided it was time to bring it back on a long-sleeve tech tee. (Oh, and WHAT a long-sleeve tee: This tech tee is LOADED w/ features!! Read on, BAMR, read on!!)
  • its-all-good-i-ran-today-t-shirt (1)its-all-good-i-ran-today-t-shirt

    After a run, we can roll with whatever life throws at us—temper tantrums (by our children or co-workers), traffic jams, car payments, burst pipes, a project deadline. This laid-back tee reflects that re-calibrated mindset, and let’s the world know you are ready to forgive its inconveniences. Updated version of our most popular-selling lifestyle tee!

  • momathoner-tank-topmomathoner-tank-top (1)

    Momathoner: a hybrid word that lets folks know you're a mom who digs running marathons! It's powerful--just like you! We put the phrase on a new-for-us tank top style that's even breezier than our other tanks, yet the dark color offers all the coverage we want. Comfortable + functional, yet stylish.

    Click here to see size chart.

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  • Lucky You Stay Strong Shoe TagStay Strong with Shoe Logo Tag
    STAY STRONG: an important message to tell yourself, whether during a demanding workout, in a race, during a toddler's temper tantrum, or while you're kids are in their teenage years.
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    Our official Train Like a Mother Racing Tank for 2017!If you are headed to any of our target races—Pittsburgh Half + Marathon; Jack + Jill's Downhill Half + Marathon; Twin Cities 10 Miler + Marathon; Philadelphia Half + Marathon—we'd love it if you could wear this tank so all your adoring fans and coaches can be sure to spot you!If you're not headed to a Target Race, we'd still love for you to wave the TLAM flag—and, of course, we'd love to see a picture of you in it!This run-run-run-run (adorable) tank offers loose, unstructured fit and wonderfully lightweight fabric that dries in a flash. It's perfect on its own or layered under a long-sleeve top. It's gently contoured but not clingy, and the cut is modest enough to cover much, if not all, of your sports bra.100% sweat-wicking polyester. Sizes XS-4XL.