13.1 Challenge: Run

  • half-marathon run-walk program

13.1 Challenge: Run

This 15-week plan will comfortably bring you up to half-marathon glory. Most of the runs are at an easy pace, making it perfect for a pair or group of women to take on together as you’ll have lots and lots of time on the road (or trail or treadmill) to talk.

Working your long runs up to race distance gets you mentally and physically prepped for the challenge of the half, but a range is given in later weeks to accommodate all levels—and days where your legs haven’t shown up. From the start, this plan integrates short bits of intensity and start-slow-get-fast pacing strategies so you’re ready to slay those upcoming 13.1 miles when you’re standing on the starting line.

THE PREREQS: The ability to comfortably finish a 6-mile run is preferred, as is experience in some shorter races. This plan is suited to a wide range of women, from 10Kers looking to step up to new distance to marathoners dialing back on distance. The common thread is a desire to complete a half-marathon with your body feeling injury-free and strong and a smile on your face.

BIGGEST WEEK OF TRAINING: 22.5-32.5 miles.

LONGEST LONG RUN DISTANCES: two ten miler, one 11-12 miler, one 11-13 miler.

The first two weeks of the plan are previewed to the left. (We realize it's a little hard to decode without the footnotes, but you can see the general mileage.)


Product Description

The Train Like a Mother 13.1 Run Challenge includes:

  • A mother-runner-friendly 13.1 Run training plan. Designed by Coach Christine Hinton, the genius behind the popular and successful plans in our second book, Train Like a Mother, the 15-week 13.1 Run plan is (much) more flexible than our hamstrings: Each week, there’s a workout you can bail on and one that’s integral for your success. Plus, the workouts range from intervals to hill repeats to circuit runs, keeping things interesting for both your body and mind.

  • Miles of resources. The new Train Like a Mother Club provides plenty of accessible resources that will benefit your running and lifestyle. Your registration gets you access to the private site, where you’ll find helpful articles; video demonstrations of strength training moves and running drills that are totally doable (read: less than five minutes! truly!) and will keep you running strong and injury-free; great recipes for fueling; and a members-only forum where you can ask any question or lend a helping hand to a fellow #motherrunner.

    You’ll also receive three exclusive Train Like a Mother podcasts, where we’ll answer all your individual training questions—and entertain you on your runs. As always, no question is too basic or TMI.

  • Accountability—and camaraderie—galore. In addition to Train Like a Mother Club, you’ll also be invited to join a private 13.1 Challenge club on Strava, where you can track your miles, and a private 13.1 Challenge Facebook page, where you’ll quickly find an army of (funny, empathetic, inspiring) #motherruner teammates. You’ll share training tips, stories of good runs and bad, cheer each other on, and push each other out the door. Momentum comes from teamwork, and these Challenges roll on some serious #motherrunner momentum.

    You’ll also receive a weekly Challenge newsletter in which we preview the upcoming week of workouts, as well as have a Q+A with Coach Christine, gear giveaways galore, and discounts on training essentials.

  • Best.Swag.Bag.Ever. As part of your registration, you will receive a package stocked training essentials, including a tube of Nuun, packets of GU, a pair of Balega socks, and samples of SweatX sports detergent, Action Wipes, and Hyland’s Homeopathic products. (Shipping of $6 on U.S. orders and $12 for international orders will be added to your registration at checkout to cover the cost of getting these goodies to your mailbox.)

  • Optional Train Like a Mother Tee + Medal. Because we know some of you like bling, some of you like tees, some of you like both, and some of you already have overflowing drawers, we are offering the Challenge tee and medal as options. The train like a mother tee, a super soft lifestyle cotton/poly blend available from XS to 4XL, is $25 (shipping included in price); the Train Like a Mother medal is $12 (shipping included); and the tee + medal combination is $30 (shipping included).

  • Sweet Discounts—and Giveaways—on Races and Gear. Throughout the Challenge, we’ll offer deep discounts on some of our favorite running things, as well as straight-up giveaways. In addition, being a Challenge member grants you a discount on a handful of race registrations from the Flying Pig marathon, half-marathon, 10K, or 5K to the Hippie Chick half-marathon and quarter-marathon (a super fun, 10K-ish race).