LIVING NOURISHED LIKE A MOTHER: Spring Focus: April 8-May 5, 2019

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LIVING NOURISHED LIKE A MOTHER: Spring Focus: April 8-May 5, 2019


Welcome to Living Nourished Like a Mother:
a beautiful blend of nutrition + lifestyle, designed and led by the extraordinary Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD.

Spring is the season of intoxicating possibility; the world is ready to bloom, and so are you!

Integrating the freshest food spring has to offer and its natural renewing rhythms, Living Nourished Like a Mother: Spring Focus is a vibrant four-week program that will help you plant clean, strong roots so you can flourish beautifully for months to come.

What’s ready to come to life within you?

If you’re aching to explore the answers, join us!

Over the course of a month, we will begin by creating fresh life in our environment, then make our way into the deep detoxification of the liver and end with a true celebration of vibrancy in the kitchen.

Yes, this process takes time and discipline; but, we’ll take it one step at a time and remember: The first step is always the hardest.

Here how we welcome spring in Living Nourished:
Week 1: A spring cleaning tutorial, paired with ten spring dinner recipes that capitalize on the flavors of the season.
Week 2: A step-by step guide to liver cleansing for deep renewal, paired with delicious spring lunch ideas.
Week 3: A celebration of spring in the kitchen; we’ll showcase seasonal meal planning tips and focus on rise-and-shine spring breakfast ideas.
Week 4:  The focus shifts to meal planning, including a beautiful roadmap summarizing exactly what tools spring offers you to come back to life from cell to soul.

Living Nourished Like a Mother is offered seasonally. You can register for all four seasons at once and grab a generous discount, or you can register season by season. If you choose the former, you will automatically be enrolled in the next three seasons; you’ll be alerted via email of the starting dates.

This Spring program—this one!—is a fun and invigorating four weeks that involve spring cleaning both inside and out (promise: it’s fun!). It runs from April 8 to May 5.

The followed by an abbreviated Summer program (all the materials, less screen time!) in July and a Fall Program in late October/early November. (Specific dates for registration and programs.)

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Product Description

Living Nourished Like a Mother features:

A quick, helpful refresh of the Simply Nourished concepts. (If you have not taken Simply Nourished before, no worries: The program is naturally set up to integrate the concepts, so you can easily jump right in!)

A seasonal update of easy-to-use formulas like skillets + smoothies.

Brand new formulas [for both lunch and dinner] to make meal planning a cinch!

 Ten recipes [!] showcasing the freshest, most available foods for each season. We’re confident they will quickly become your new go-to recipes.

 An accessible meal planning template that allows you to meal plan in minutes.

 A seasonally-focused podcast that reviews the new materials in depth.

 A private Facebook page and Facebook live sessions so we can tackle all your Q’s with supportive + nutritious A’s.

 Overflowing cups of knowledge, camaraderie, and community that naturally accompany the programs in the Train Like a Mother Club.

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  • I haven’t taken Simply Nourished Like a Mother. Does it make sense for me to do Living Nourished?
    Totally! We removed the prereq for Simply Nourished because we realized that the season-specific content of Living Nourished Like a Mother naturally integrates the Simply Nourished concepts— no extra effort necessary from you! You’ll easily pick up on the main tenets of Simply Nourished, and if you want a deeper dive, you can easily take the full 8-week course afterwards.

  • Argh. The dates don’t work for me. What should I do?
    If life is too hectic to take on one more thing, don’t fret; we get it. You can jump in during any season except summer, which will be a slightly abbreviated version of the program so you have time for vacation, swimming, and long outdoor nights.

    Living Nourished Like a Mother: Spring Focus will officially begin on April 8, 2019. Then, we’ll have a slightly abbreviated Summer Focus before launching Living Nourished Like a Mother: Fall Focus in October, 2019. (Dates for registration and programs.)

    Each season includes a unique menu and focus on seasonal foods + self-care practices so your lifestyle will be as succulent as crispy roasted delicata squash, indulgent as freshly baked pumpkin muffins, and cozy as that first sip of chai tea.

  • What does a slightly abbreviated Summer Focus mean?
    We’ve learned that you all like to be off your screens and in the fresh air in summer. (And YAY for that!) So the Summer version of Living Nourished Like a Mother will have all the materials that the other seasons do; we will just offer a limited amount of meeting times, which you can attend or watch in review.


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