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Metabolic Reset

Universal Truth #43: When something isn’t working, reset it.

Computer is frozen? Control/alt/delete. Car’s check engine light goes off? Hello, mechanic. Toddler a cranky mess? Nap time for you, friend.

When your body isn’t working efficiently—your weight won’t budge; your energy levels are plummeting; you don’t feel comfortable in your current body—you can press its reset button as well.

Enter Metabolic Reset, an innovative, six-week program created and led by Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, that promotes sustained, smart weight loss; stable energy levels; and an enhanced sense of vitality that extends to all aspects of your life.

The Metabolic Reset is designed specifically to target your body’s metabolism, the summation of every chemical reaction in your body. (Read: the engine + the wiring!) Ultimately, you’ll overhaul the way in which your body produces energy; over six weeks, your body will make the important transition from burning sugar to burning fat for energy.

As your body shifts from fat-storing to fat-burning mode, you will experience:
★ Sustainable, smart weight loss
★ Stable energy
★ Mental clarity
★ Improved digestion
★ An increase in confidence in overall nutrition and food choices
★ A holistic sense of wellness that extends into all areas of your life

The six weeks of Metabolic Reset is divided into three specific, two-week phases:
Phase One: REST the metabolism
Begins the process of tapping into your body’s own reserves by eliminating processed sugars + damaged fats

Phase Two: REBUILD the metabolism
Restores metabolism with foods tailored to nutrient repletion and renewal of entire body

Phase Three: REIGNITE the metabolism
Teaches body to utilize fat efficiently + exclusively for longer periods of time; also, an introduction to safe, intermittent fasting

metabolic reset

During each phase, you will receive the following tools and sustained support:
Detailed, specific phase-by-phase directions for optimal clarity + direction.
Comprehensive food lists explaining which foods to savor and which foods to skip.
Original Recipes + meal plans + grocery lists.
Weekly fitness plan that complements the weekly nutritional protocol.
Personalization by Ellie; each phase will by tailored + tweaked by Ellie to fit you and your story. Personalization=sustainability.
★ A weekly, hour-long group meeting with Ellie, during which she previews the week ahead and answers all your individual questions. For this round, calls are generally scheduled for late afternoon/early evening depending on your time zone. You’ll be alerted by email in advance of the sessions. (If you can’t make the call, we will record + share it!)
A private Facebook group for to share tips, ask questions, and feed off the momentum.

The end result? In six weeks, you will have pushed reset your (beautiful, capable) body. Your metabolism will be renewed, as will your energy and mental focus. You’ll be well on your way to a body that will run efficiently for LIFE.  

In order to qualify for Metabolic Reset, you need to please meet the following requirements:
Have participated previously in Simply Nourished Like a Mother.
★ Currently have fifteen or more pounds to lose.
Not be in the midst of a race training cycle. The Metabolic Reset protocol allows for minimal cardio for four weeks; if you have a half-marathon or marathon in the next five months, it’s best to focus on training. After your race, we’d love for you to participate in Metabolic Reset.
Ideally, have the following labs performed within the last 6 months: TSH;  free T4; free T3;  rT3; all 3 estrogens; testosterone; progesterone; HBA1C; CRP; Complete Metabolic Panel. (If don’t have this full list—or any of it— it isn’t a deal-breaker. Just helpful information to have.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will receive a detailed email upon your registration, letting you know exactly what you need to do in preparation for Metabolic Reset. Ellie will review your materials; if you are not a proper fit for Metabolic Reset, we will refund your registration fee.

In order to maximize personalized attention, we are limiting Metabolic Reset to 15 people. If you are not able to get in this round, please email us and we will put you on a waiting list and notify you if a slot for this round frees up or when the next round opens.

SESSION DATES: September 10, 2018-October 21,2018

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Praise for Metabolic Reset
"I have learned so much these past 6 weeks. I can't remember the last time my (aching) knees have felt SO good! I am grateful for this program, and I can already tell that I will continue to learn. Thank you so much!" – Pati


  • Who designed the Metabolic Reset protocol?
    The brains—and smile—behind Metabolic Reset is Ellie Kempton, founder of Simply Nourished. At her very core, she is a lifestyle architect focused on functional nutrition therapy.

    As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a master’s degree in Functional Nutrition from Bastyr University, Ellie can understand your situation, think critically to find solutions for your biggest challenges, and ground everything in the best of traditional techniques. Ellie’s services utilize real food and lifestyle design to help you find wellness and balance.

    While nutrition scenarios vary from person to person, Ellie focuses on stabilizing energy, improving digestion, and optimizing weight—three pillars that allow for more clarity, focus, and happiness in your life and athletics.

  • How does the program work?
    This six-week program is structured like this:
    • Each week has a different focus with easily accessible, simple tips to help you integrate optimal nutrition.

    • The printed materials for each phase—Rest; Rebuild; Reignite—encompass instructions + recipes + meal plans + shopping lists. In other words, everything you need to thrive outside of our weekly meetings.

    • During the weekly meeting, we’ll go over materials, address speed bumps and answer all your questions. In addition, Ellie will help you personalize your week of Reset if need be. (If you are unable to make the weekly meeting, we will field questions prior to it, record it and share with the group afterwards.)

    • Over the course of the week, we encourage you to integrate the practices that are the focus that week. On the private Facebook page, you’ll share tips and recipes that are working—or not working—for you, creating group momentum and Metabolic Reset team that will help you stay accountable and motivated.

  • I’ve worked with Ellie one-on-one previously. Will I still get something out of Metabolic Reset?
    Yes, especially if she has recommended you join this program. 

  • I’m really nervous about doing a group weight loss program, especially when Ellie is so good one-on-one.  What are your thoughts? 
    We agree: Ellie is a ROCK STAR one-on-one. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind when considering doing the group Metabolic Reset vs. working with her one-on-one. The most important? During the previous two rounds of group Metabolic Reset, Ellie commented multiple times on how great it was to have everybody on the same program at once; she noted how integral the shared experience + community support was to both momentum and success.

    If you have a significant medical or hormonal condition that requires focused personalization, then one-on-one is likely right for you. Otherwise, the group program is a great way to go, and if need be, you can follow up with a short one-on-one with Ellie after you’ve laid a solid, six-week foundation of Metabolic Reset. Metabolic Reset

  • I’m a vegetarian or vegan. Will Metabolic Reset work for me?
    While Ellie fully supports vegetarian + vegan lifestyles, this program is currently tailored to at least partial consumption of animal protein. (We’re working on a 100% vegetarian program but do not have it available just yet.) If you are open to eating 1-2 servings daily of animal protein—it can be solely seafood—Metabolic Reset will suit your needs well. Make it clear in your intake form (received upon registration) that you’d prefer to follow a mostly vegetarian diet while participating in the program and Ellie will make sure to offer modifications to make this plausible.

  • I have <15 pounds to lose. Can I still participate?
    Metabolic efficiency is of utmost importance to Ellie. Whether you have 5, 10 or 15 pounds to lose, it’s possible to reach those goals without the structure + rigidity of the Metabolic Reset. Instead, focusing on sustainable eating patterns + holistic lifestyle design will help you accomplish your goals. Simply Nourished Like a Mother does just that, and is a great place to land. 

    Please note: Upon registration, you will fill out an intake form as well as submit your labs. If Ellie doesn’t feel like you are a good fit for Metabolic Reset, we will notify you and issue you a refund.

  • What if I don’t have all the labs you require?
    Ideally, you have had, within the last six months, the following items tested: TSH;  free T4; free T3;  rT3; all 3 estrogens; testosterone; progesterone; HBA1C; CRP; Complete Metabolic Panel. That said, we realize insurance may not cover them all or you may not have had the chance to have them all tested recently.

    Upon registration, you will receive instructions on how to submit what recent labs you do have. Ellie will take a look at those, and let you know if she needs more information.

  • I *really* need to run regularly. I know I can’t be training for a race, but is it cool if I just run?
    No. Truly—or at least if you want to maximize the Reset. The first few weeks of Metabolic Reset allow for 15 minutes of a moderate walk or strength session. That’s it. Exercise allotment incrementally builds from there, but it’s far from an hour sweat-session daily. If this feels too restricting, Simply Nourished Like a Mother will be a better fit.

  • Why are you limiting enrollment to 15?
    Because we are adamant that each person gets the personal attention they need in order to succeed at Metabolic Reset—and sustain their weight loss. If you are unable to get into this round, please email us and we’ll put you on a waiting list and let you know if a spot opens up.

  • What if life gets in the way, and I’m unable to complete the program week by week?
    We strongly encourage you to take a look at the next six weeks and make sure you have the bandwidth (schedule-wise, mentality-wise, life-wise) to focus on the Metabolic Reset. It is a significant commitment, and to get the most out of it, you will best served if you can attend the weekly meetings and follow the detailed protocol.

    That said, because Metabolic Reset is thoughtfully structured and you have support in myriad ways, you’ll be able to follow parts of the program on your own occasionally if necessary.

    We will be unable to issue refunds or do-overs for Metabolic Reset, so please check your calendar and motivation fully before you register. 


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