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Metabolic Reset: The Mental Side is a special event for women who have gone through a Metabolic Reset with nutritionist Ellie Kempton. (You can have either completed the group Reset in the Train Like a Mother Club or worked one-on-one with Ellie.)

Ellie has capably guided you through the physical side, but the new perspective on your body isn’t fitting as well as your smaller-sized jeans. Enter Denver-based psychologist Justin Ross, who has worked regularly with clients who have been in a similar position. He specializes in helping people address the necessary mental, emotional and behavioral change in order to live and sustain a healthy, desired life.

Together, Justin and Ellie will dive into the mental and social side of weight loss so you have some new thoughts, tools and tricks to keep your head in the game.

In this one-time seminar, we are going to focus on questions such as:

☆ How do I truly celebrate this new weight as my new normal? While I love it, I also live in fear of rebound, especially having  a history of yo-yo dieting.

☆ How do I maintain mental momentum needed for weight loss when there really is no “finish line” like at a race?

☆ I feel like my identity is changing along with my weight; sometimes I’m not even sure I know who I am anymore. How do I manage the roller coaster, both personally and in my relationships, of a changing identity?

☆ How do I maintain emotional resiliency when socializing around food, especially in the midst of well meaning co-workers + friends? I keep finding myself apologizing or explaining myself when I turn down “food gifts.”

☆ What can I do to ditch the self-sabotage routine? I’m doing so well and then a silly brownie derails me. Before I know it I’m taking a free “day” instead of a free “meal”—and my emotions plunge and my self-judgment sky-rockets. How do I nip this vicious cycle in the bud?

We’ll also leave time to answer your individual questions—as always, no question is too basic or TMI.

After the event is over, you’ll receive the link to the video to watch again if you’d like; a private podcast to download if you want to listen again; and a one page recap to remind you of helpful tactics and thoughts as you continue to solidify your new body + mindset.

This event will be on Wednesday, July 11 at 1 pm-2:30 pm ET/10 am-11:30 PT. 

Not available during that time but want the information? Register, and send us your questions prior to the seminar. You’ll then be able to watch/listen at your leisure.

Other questions? Happy to help.

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