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    Stride into the School Year: September 9-October 13, 2019

    When kids hit the books, #motherrunners hit the pavement.

    Stride into the School Year is five weeks of unique, fun workouts that blend running and strength training. (Read: You rarely repeat a workout.) The plan has you sweating five days a week, with an option for a sixth day of a yoga or Pilates session if your schedule allows. Stride School Praise This five-week Challenge is all about forward motion, fitness, accountability and community, not about training for a specific race. The workouts are one-size-fits-all, whether you're a walker, run/walker, or runner, and whether you're just starting to run, coming back to it after a decade off, or just need a little push to get you jump started again. The shortest workout is 20 minutes, the longest is 40-90 minutes (one longer run on the weekend), with most sessions clocking in around 30 minutes. You will receive a PDF of the training plan, and every morning (bright and early!) the daily workout will be posted on the private Facebook page. Below is a sample from a previous Stride program; the footnotes make a little hard to decode, but it's a good example of the time commitments.

    Stride into the School Year: $30; September 9-13; all participants receive this stocked swag bag!

  • METABOLIC RESET 12 Weeks: September 9-December 1, 2019

    Universal Truth #43: When something isn’t working, reset it.

    Computer is frozen? Control/alt/delete. Car’s check engine light goes off? Hello, mechanic. Toddler a cranky mess? Nap time for you, friend. When your body isn’t working efficiently—your weight won’t budge; your energy levels are plummeting; you don’t feel comfortable in your current body—you can press its reset button as well. Enter Metabolic Reset, an innovative, twelve-week program created and led by Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD, that promotes sustained, smart weight loss; stable energy levels; and an enhanced sense of vitality that extends to every aspect of your life. Ellie intentionally designed Metabolic Reset as a transformational roadmap with specific, detailed structure (read: all the decisions are made for you!) that allows for adaptation to your individual needs and permanent weight loss. Metabolic Reset is focused on transforming your body’s metabolism, the summation of every chemical reaction in your body. (Read: the engine + the wiring!) Ultimately, you’ll overhaul the way in which your body produces energy; over twelve weeks, your body will make the important transition from burning sugar to burning fat for energy. As your body shifts from fat-storing to fat-burning mode, you will experience: ★ Sustainable, smart weight loss ★ Stable energy ★ Mental clarity ★ Improved digestion ★ An increase in confidence in overall nutrition and food choices ★ A holistic sense of wellness that extends into all areas of your life Metabolic Reset The twelve weeks of Metabolic Reset is divided into specific phases: Intro Phase: Lay the FOUNDATION One week A week for program overview + preparation. Phase One: REST the metabolism Two weeks Begins the process of tapping into your body’s own reserves by eliminating processed sugars + damaged fats. Phase Two: REBUILD the metabolism Three weeks Restores metabolism with foods tailored to nutrient repletion and renewal of entire body. Phase Three: REIGNITE the metabolism Six weeks Teaches body to utilize fat efficiently + exclusively for longer periods of time; also, an introduction to safe, intermittent fasting. The final four weeks are devoted to integrating the Reset protocol with the rhythm of your individual daily routine + exercise schedule. During this time physical training can resume with momentum and support from your team paired with personalized advice from Ellie. During each phase, you will receive the following tools and sustained support: ★ Detailed, specific phase-by-phase directions for optimal clarity + direction. ★ Comprehensive food lists explaining which foods to savor and which foods to skip. ★ Original Recipes + meal plans + grocery lists. ★ Weekly fitness plan that complements the weekly nutritional protocol. ★ Personalization by Ellie; each phase will be tailored + tweaked by Ellie to fit you and your story. Personalization=sustainability. ★ A weekly, hour-long group meeting with Ellie, during which she previews the week ahead and answers all your individual questions. You’ll be alerted by email in advance of the sessions. (If you can’t make the call, we will record + share it as a video and podcast!) ★A private Facebook group to share tips, ask questions, and feed off the momentum. The end result? In twelve weeks, you will have pushed reset your (beautiful, capable) body. Your metabolism will be renewed, as will your energy and mental focus. You’ll be well on your way to a body that will run efficiently for LIFE. Metabolic Reset In order to qualify for Metabolic Reset, you need to please meet the following requirements: ★ Have participated previously in Simply Nourished Like a Mother or worked with Ellie 1:1. ★ Currently have fifteen or more pounds to lose. ★ Not be in the midst of a race training cycle. The Metabolic Reset protocol allows for minimal cardio for four weeks. That said, you can start a race training cycle in the last six weeks of the program. IMPORTANT NOTES You will receive a detailed email upon your registration, letting you know exactly what you need to do in preparation for Metabolic Reset; part of that is a detailed intake form. Ellie will review your history; if you are not a proper fit for Metabolic Reset, we will refund your registration fee. In order to maximize personalized attention, we are limiting Metabolic Reset to 10 people. If you are not able to get in this round, please email us and we will put you on a waiting list and notify you if a slot for this round frees up or when the next round opens. SESSION DATES: 12 Weeks: September 9-December 1, 2019

    July 29, 2019-January 12, 2020

    Disney Races are truly magical events. After all, where else can you start under fireworks, kiss Prince Charming, joke around with Phineas and Ferb, and Let It Go with Elsa, then cross a finish line and receive some serious bling?

    However, two to four finish lines over as many days will not be magical if you are not properly prepared. If you’re slogging through the miles and barely able to muster a smile—let alone a bicep curl—for a shot with Wreck-It-Ralph, your Dopey or Goofy extravaganza will be memorable. Just not for the right reasons. With this 24-week, hands-on program starting on July 29, 2019, we’ve got your back and are laying a white-glove-clad, oversize hand firmly on it. The training plan we’ve created emphasizes both muscular and cardiovascular endurance and time on your feet: keys you’ll need to run every mile with a smile. But it's not all about the running. We'll be sure you're fueling properly for all your long runs. We’ll make sure your hips and glutes, typically the weak spots for most runners, are rock solid. We’ll have some fun too, brainstorming costume ideas and ideas. We'll entertain and educate you with podcasts and newsletters, and, of course, hit race strategies so that you not only enjoy your Dopey or Goofy Challenge, you’ll nearly fly during each mile. The end result? You feel primed and totally ready to run either challenge: The Dopey: 5K, then a 10K, then a half-marathon, then a marathon or the Goofy: a half-marathon then a marathon—no pixie dust required. PROGRAM BASICS: Every workout is measured in minutes, not miles. Speedwork is limited in this plan, as it focuses on maximizing your endurance. You'll regularly run four days in a row, to mimic the mental and physical demands of multi-day racing. For 22 of the 24 weeks of the plan, we maximize cardiovascular preparation by doing double workouts one day weekly: after a short run in the morning, you'll do an evening hike, brisk walk, or run, which will range from 20 to 60 minutes. PREREQS: You’ve been running at least 30–45 minutes 3–4 days of the week for at least 8 weeks. You’re injury-free. You don’t need previous experience running by heart rate, but it is helpful if you have run a half-marathon at some point. BIGGEST WEEK OF TRAINING: 10 hours, 25 minutes, including six runs, one hike/brisk walk, and two strength circuits LONGEST LONG RUN DISTANCES: The longest run day has two choices: 3 hours, 15 minutes or 3 hours in the AM, 1 hour, 30-45 minutes in the PM. CROSS TRAINING + STRENGTH TRAINING INCLUDED? Yep. One weekly cross-training session is included in Weeks 1-12, and each week has two strength circuits. Two of the strength routines include resistance bands. WEEKLY OVERVIEW: Five to six runs; one hike/brisk walk; one cross-training session (weeks 1-12); two strength circuits; one rest day. FIRST AND PEAK WEEKS: (explained fully in the program) Save
  • Welcome to Living Nourished Like a Mother: a beautiful blend of nutrition + lifestyle, designed and led by the extraordinary Ellie Kempton, MSN, RD.

    Summer is the season of inner fire, whimsical fun, and natural flourishing! Integrating the freshest food and natural rhythms summer has to offer, Living Nourished Like a Mother: Summer Focus is a vibrant four-week program that will help you flourish during the warmest months of the year—and for months to come. Over the course of four weeks, we will begin by chasing some whimsy (which is as delightful as it sounds!). Then we'll stoke our internal flames and desires and celebrate all the colors of the season. Yes, this process takes time and discipline; but, we’ll take it one step at a time and remember: The first step is always the hardest. Here how we embrace summer in Living Nourished: Week 1: A full-on slide into the whimsy of summer, paired with ten summer dinner recipes that capitalize on the flavors of the season. Week 2: A step-by step guide to lighting your inner fire, paired with delicious summer lunch ideas. Week 3: A celebration of the colors of summer in the kitchen; we'll showcase seasonal meal planning tips and focus on breakfast ideas. Week 4:  The focus shifts to meal planning, including a beautiful roadmap summarizing exactly what tools summer offers you to floruish from cell to soul. Living Nourished Like a Mother is offered seasonally. You can register for all four seasons at once and grab a generous discount, or you can register season by season. If you choose the former, you will automatically be enrolled in the next three seasons; you'll be alerted via email of the starting dates. The summer program—this one!—is a fun and invigorating four weeks that runs from July 8 to August 4.
  • Run Twin Cities hatRun Twin Cities hat
    We love trucker hats almost as much as we love running in the Twin Cities! Especially this style, which is a new one from our pals at BoCo Gear: Called a Running Trucker, it has the hip front panel and bill of a trucker, but the back is more flexible, giving a more comfortable fit. Laser-cut panels provide the breathability needed for running.
  • What's pink and blooming with flowers? This gorgeous visor designed exclusively for AMR by our pals at BoCo Gear. Making it even more marvelous? In big, bold letters, it reads "MANY HAPPY MILES" on the back elastic!
  • Trucker hats are all the rage--and this one is especially, well, badass! This navy blue beauty, by BoCo Gear, reads "badass mother runner" on the front. Wear it running or wear it running errands: It's equally cool! This hat was a bestseller at our fall expos--get it on our site while it lasts!
  • We ♥ this tattoo design so much, but we decided the words were too dang dainty. So we pumped up the volume of the words and the heart to make sure people "hear" what it's saying! The design features the signature phrase of the mother runner tribe: This wicking tank top literally says, "badass mother runner," and it also proclaims it by featuring a heart tattoo that reads "mother." (Badass, right?!)
  • ♥ Run: Okay, so maybe not always, but your miles hold a special place in your heart--just like this design does for us at Another Mother Runner. An artist in North Carolina designed it for us after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, making the image resonate extra-hard in, well, our hearts. But we decided it was time to brighten up the colors in more traditional heart-y shades of pink.
  • We ♥ Run: Okay, so maybe not always, but your miles hold a special place in your heart. This laid-back hoodie features gorgeous custom-drawn heart with the word "RUN" in it with our mom's shoes logo below it like a signature.
  • Let the world know that you run races—and that you’re in charge. (We love a good pun.) This is one of our top-selling phrases, and now we offer it on a lifestyle tee with a more gracious fit in a wider range of sizes. We are pleased to offer this tee in sizes XS-3XL.