In a perfect world, you’d eat foods that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Food that keeps your legs running strong, your mind humming, your spirit soaring.

In this imperfect world, you—if you’re like us—scarf down bars over the keyboard; skip meals because you’re spending hours behind the steering wheel; eat “meals” of leftovers and baby carrots, consumed over the sink, and washed down with wine; and crave sugar every day at precisely 2:15 sharp.

Even though you know better, you can’t seem to make changes that stick. Too often, because of what you put in your mouth, your mood slumps. Your sleep is sporadic. Your belly bloats. You have no energy. On runs, your legs feel like rocks…and you can’t seem to break the cycle.

With the Nourished Programs, created and led by Denver-based Ellie Freeman, MSN, RD, you’ll intimately experience how food can be healthy, healing, easy, nourishing, and tasty all at once.

Along the way, you’ll systematically build simple nutrition habits that streamline into one another—and blossom seamlessly into your life. Along the way, you’ll stabilize your energy (see ya, midday blahs!), improve your digestion, and optimize your weight.

Looking for upcoming program dates? Here you go.

Want to taste-test the Nourished Programs? Listen to Ellie on a Train Like a Mother podcast.

simply-nourish-collagePROGRAMS INCLUDE:

★ Comprehensive, accessible, holistic nutrition guidelines.
★ Thorough printed materials + steps with a weekly, detailed focus.
★ Detailed shopping lists (both for foods to prepare and pre-prepared in-a-pinch ideas) and easy-to-use weekly journals.
★ Original Simply Nourished quick recipes + food formulas.

★ Regular wellness tips + tasks that enhance well-being.

★ Exclusive podcasts to review weekly material in depth—and entertain you along the way.
★ Wrap-up webinar sessions to review material and connect with Ellie one-on-one.
★ Private Facebook page to share tips, recipes, momentum. 
★ Weekly Q + A sessions on Facebook page and/or video meetings.

★ The result? A confidence + perspective around nutrition that will stay with you for the rest of your life. ★



6 Weeks



3 Weeks



6 Weeks

“Ellie has made my family’s nutrition manageable and effective. The way she frames daily nutrition guidelines are simple and stress-free. My sleep, digestion, and running are better than they have ever been!”

—#Motherrunner Sarah

“Ellie’s holistic approach helped me focus on nutrition, work on health concerns, and prioritize self-care in the midst of work, family and training.

Her guidelines are sustainable even when life gets crazy.”

—#Motherrunner Britt


Denver, CO; Mother of one four-legged 
Coaching since: 2011.
Coaching certifications: MSN, RD
After a workout, I: immediately begin thinking about what I’m going to eat (duh!). My favorite post-workout meal? My original Microwavable English Muffin + egg, with avocado, butter (glorious butter!) and a drizzle of raw honey.
Two athletic accomplishments:
1. Two-time Olympic Swimming Trials qualifier.
2. Four-time Athletic and Academic All-American.
Two maternal accomplishments:
1.Do four-legged kids count? Ok, good. I rescued a racehorse off the track, and, despite a few broken bones and concussions I incurred along the way, trained him to be a three-day eventing competitor. (Selfishly, I’m hoping kids are less dangerous.)
2. Currently raising my Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy to be my running partner.

Don’t ask me to: Go more than three days without dark chocolate or grass-fed butter; they give me wings!
Coaching style in one word: Empathetic. I listen to your story, which drives my protocol for you.