Ready to run a long, long way? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’ve got your first 50K or your fourth 50 Mile teed up, we’re here for your every step, every climb, every descent, every mile as you build your endurance, your body, your mind to cover 50k or 50 miles on race day! 

Along your ultra journey, expert coach Stephanie Howe Violett will answer every question, whether it’s about the right trail shoes or how to run a stretch of rocky terrain. Meanwhile, your team of #mothertriathletes will motivate, inspire, and cheer you on—and you’ll do the same for them!

The upshot?
You won’t just run a long, long way.

You’ll run, connect, thrive, and laugh through one of the most fulfilling and supportive training cycles you’ve ever experienced.

new-landing-page-collageEach Program Includes:
★ Comprehensive Training Plan: Delivered as PDF + Connected to Training Peaks
★ Exclusive Train Like a Mother Podcasts and Webinars to Explain and Explore Ultra Training + Nutrition on and off the Trail
★ High-Touch, Expert Guidance, including Regular Office Hours to Answer Individual Questions and Weekly Q+A on Facebook with Coach Stephanie 
★Exclusive Facebook Group + Strava Club
★ Illustrated Strength Training Circuits
★ Weekly Newsletters with Tips + Guidance
★ Over $25 of our Favorite Training Gear
★ Giveaways + Discounts on Essential #Motherrunner Gear
★ Accountability + Community Galore 

★We are currently polishing the 24-week training plans. They will be ready by March 6 to prepare you for a race the weekend of August 19-20—or anytime after that in 2017.

★You’ll find a bunch of good info in the Train Like a Mother Ultra Program Overview.

★Hear Coach Stephanie talk about her background and the program on a Train Like a Mother webinar

24 Weeks


24 Weeks




Bend, OR; Mother of Riley, a four-legged 7-year-old
Coaching since: 2010.
Coaching certifications: MS Exercise Physiology; PhD in Exercise Physiology + Nutrition.
After a workout, I: Eat my post-run snack, put on comfy pants, stretch + smile. Usually a good sigh or too in there as well.
Two athletic accomplishments:
1. Winner of 2014 Western States (100 miles).

2. Overall (male + female) winner of 2017 Bandera 100K, the national championship.
My take on being Riley’s mom:
My day is just better with my dog. How can you not smile when you come home to someone SO excited to see you no matter what?!
Don’t ask me to: Eat caramels or take a cruise.

Coaching style in one word: Quality over quantity.


Good question. This Club is a branch of Another Mother Runner, started by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. Back when our five collective kids were ankle-biters, we ran the Nike Women’s Marathon, wrote about our training for Runner’s World magazine, then turned the whole experience into Run Like a Mother, a chatty, advice-filled book published in 2010. (Here’s an excerpt from Runner’s World.) Train Like a Mother (excerpt) followed in 2012, and Tales from Another Mother Runner (guess what? excerpt) completed the trilogy in 2015.

Along the way, Another Mother Runner has flourished into an amazing community of badass women centered around the idea that the benefits of your miles ricochet through all aspects of your life. When you run, you are a more patient mother, a more loving partner, a more productive worker, and a more positive person altogether. (Note: By run, we mean forward movement. Walking, jogging, and running at any and all speeds count.)

  • 50k (roughly 31 miles): Completed a marathon (road or trail) within 12 months of starting program
  • 50 Mile: Completed a 50K within 12 months of starting program
  • Injury-free (or almost there with regular PT and exercises)
  • Nearby trail you can train on at least 1x/week (more is better)
  • A nearby physical therapist who knows your body + your goals and who you can see regularly, especially in the thick of training
  • A foam rolling routine you will complete regularly (at least 3x a week)
  • Enough time to train and recovery properly (time to prepare food + eat well, foam roll, get adequate sleep)
Weekday Runs: Most runs will be in the 60-75 min. range for distance runs, and 40-50 min for recovery runs. As the cycle peaks, the longest run during the week will be up to 8-10 miles (90min- 2hrs) for the 50k and 10-14 miles (2-3 hrs) for the 50 mile.

Longest Run:
50K: 26-28 miles or about 5 hours; time on your feet is MUCH more important than miles; if you are able to run for around 5 hours, you are ready to run a 50k!

50 miles: about 30-35 miles or 4.5-5.5 hours, but the plan will also include several back-to-back long runs of 20-26 miles (or about 4 hours) on Saturday/Sunday. The best way to prepare your body for 50 miles is to complete back-to-back long runs, running on tired legs the second day.

Note on mileage: You’ll go for distance or time—but not both. Sometimes there will be mileage on the plan, sometimes there will be time, and sometimes there will be both. When there is both, if the plan says 5.5 hours/35 miles, you stop when you hit one or the other. If you go 30 miles in 5.5 hours, perfect. If you go 35 miles in 4.5 hours, also perfect.

Strength Training: Two days a week, 20-30 minutes. The exercises will be provided, and the circuit will change depending on the phase of training. As we get closer to race day, the volume of strength training will be less, but intensity will be higher (think: shorter, quick reps, more explosive, powerful exercises).

Likely. We’ll need to make sure the distance and timing fits in well with your overall plan, but we’ll do our best to make it work.